Comics about mathematics, science, and the student life.

Language Barrier

Two bar graphs that represent the amount of time for the activity. The large bar on the left represents "Figuring out how to speak the same language" and the much smaller bar on the right is "Doing the science". Caption: Collaborations.

“Isn’t mathematics supposed to be the language of science?”

“Yes, but then everybody came up with their own words to describe the same thing.”

Obscure Code

A man visits his scientist friend and sees her piling a bunch of boxes on top of each other. They have labels such as, "Dependency", "Dep 2", "Dep 3", "Dep 4", "Obscure library", "Old code", "Code". He asks, "What are you doing?" She replies, "My research problem is so obscure and tricky that the only code for it is decades old."

This actually happens.


An alien spaceship is quickly leaving Earth. One of the aliens says, "I never thought I'd say this, but this planet has too many records..." Another says, "Let's go find a planet that preserves *important* things."

I’ve wondered for a while now if the sheer quantity of data will overwhelm the speedups that come with better organization and search. Will future people studying humans of this era be able to wade through all the data with ease?


Two friends walk together. One tells her friend, "I've found a workflow to double my speed." He replies, "So you're going to use those savings to relax?" She lifts her arms in the air and says, "What? No, I'm going to do even more!"

“I want to do something useful, you know.”

Under a Rock

Headshots of four people scattered from each other, each encircled. Caption: Filter bubbles let us all live under our own rock.

“Wait, how have you not heard of X?!” is a question that you can find people asking for basically any X.

Textbook Knowledge

An expanding area represents all knowledge. A very small portion inside it represents your textbook.

In other words: Do spend some time outside the boundaries of your textbook.


Two graduate students are in their office. One turns, looks to the other, and asks her, "So you signed up for the free food?" She looks back and clarifies, "Um, you mean the scientific workshop?" He answers, "Sure, that'll be nice too."

“I scope out my seminars by food availability.”


Left panel (Caption: Almost everywhere you're a cyborg.): A person stands with their wireless headphones and phone. Right panel (Caption: Except for tests. When you're not.): A teacher hands a test to their student and says, "No phone, no internet. Only yourself."

In the future, there will be a whole “decontamination procedure” to rid students of augmentations before they take tests.

School's Out

Two students are walking out of their school. One says, "Do you want to learn--" But his friend interrupts him and says, "Hey! As soon as I step out of that place, there's no more learning for me!"

“But wouldn’t it be cool to build up some skills?”

“It would be even cooler to free up some headspace from all that useless stuff I had to cram in for our exams.”


A graph of "Core Functionality" versus "Features". As the number of features increases, the core functionality decreases.

Pairs well with a lovely Craig Mod essay.