Comics about mathematics, science, and the student life.

Research Directions

A sign for where to go next in your research, but the directions are unhelpful.

Be thankful you even have a sign.

Common Notation

How it's so fun to navigate three papers which have almost the same equations, but each off by a few factors.

This is sort of like learning a new language: When you’re beginning, you have to translate everything from the new language into your preferred language, interpret it, and then translate it back. This is why it takes so long to read these papers!


We read a lot of papers, "read" a lot more, and cite a ton.

This is why I need a citation manager.


We like reducing people to just a few items.

And this is if you’re lucky. The unfortunate truth is that we don’t even notice most people.


William of Okham decides whether to include his razor in his travel bag.

Thanks to Jim Propp for the suggestion!

Project Growth

The dreaded result not pictured: When nothing happens.

Technical Debt

“Really, it’s the last time. After that, I’m rewriting the code base!”

Paper Charms

Oh and I forgot: Citing references but not ever mentioning where in that reference you want to point us to. Am I supposed to believe that everything in that other paper is relevant?


At least make me understand the first half of the presentation. Is that so much to ask?

The Talk

“There’s a lot you can look at with flipping arrows, I promise!”