Comics about mathematics, science, and the student life.


A scientist walks with her daughter. The daughter asks, "Mom, do you just solve more difficult questions than I do at school?" The scientist replies, "No dear, I also write long reports asking for money to solve them."

“And honestly, the equations I use for my work are simpler than yours.”

Working Hard

A person walks in an erratic way, not getting anywhere in particular. The panel is an overhead view of this path, which resembles a random walk. The person says, "I don't know where I'm going, but at least I'm working hard!"

Busywork is not the same as work that helps you achieve your goals.

Fan Mail

Scientist One brings in a sack and puts it in front of Scientist Two. Scientist One: "Here's your fan mail for your new paper." Scientist Two: "Sweet!" Scientist One: "They are all variations on 'Please cite me.'"

Normally, I’d be mad about you checking out my mail. But on second thought, could you also sort through it a bit?


Left: A series of images about science. A matrix of values, a person thinking, a lattice, a telescope, a flask, and two scientists high-fiving. (Caption: The real science) Right: A scientific paper which is the output of all this work. (Caption: What people see)

Let’s never forget that it’s a human activity, not a bunch of papers.


Note to self: You've gotten trapped in this science problem before. Do NOT let yourself get trapped again. Love, yourself. Signed: 2021-07-21 (crossed out), 2021-08-30 (crossed out), 2021-10-15 (crossed out), 2021-11-03.

This is my New Year’s resolution. I will stick to it!

Terminal Experience

Three scientists, with the more terminal experience as you go to the right. Left scientist: "My browser history is only StackOverflow." Middle scientist: "I'm pretty sure this won't damage my computer..." Right scientist: "I don't trust GUIs."

Unfortunately, I’m between the left and the middle.

Academic Wishlist 2

A wishlist for the holidays. 1. The discipline to not take on too many projects (>= 3). 2. No (fewer) bugs in my code. 3. Regular (some) breaks from being always "on". 4. JWST safely in space (with no delays).

The sad part is that many don’t see item 3 as desirable.

Paper Cut

A graph of paper length as a function of editing time. It begins high, and then decreases in steps as the authors implement the following strategies: Contracting words, using acronyms, moving all details to the supplementary information, and moving the methods to the figures.

Then there’s all the fun of playing with the font size and column width, as well as merging paragraphs. There are just so many options!


Two female scientists discussing research. Scientist 1: "I've secured my spot in the research group forever!" Scientist 2: "How?" Scientist 1: "By ensuring I'm the only one who can navigate the codebase."

A few years later, she’s driven nuts by everyone asking her questions about the code.

Research Realities

Two scientists are walking and discussing their work. Scientist 1 says, "I tried fifty different things today, and one worked. Maybe." Scientist 2 says, "That's progress!" Caption: Research realities.

And you thought the batting ratio in baseball was low.