Comics about mathematics, science, and the student life.


A graph of "Progress" over time, with two linearly growing curves. The top one is labelled, "Invisible", while the bottom one is "Visible". There's a double-headed arrow stretching between the gap, with the caption, "You're not your CV."

Remember: Progress and growth is a multidimensional affair, and people often don’t see the full picture.


Three "layers" representing reality. The top one is labelled, "The Platonic realm of mathematics", and has a differential equation, a graph, and the P = NP conjecture. The middle one is labelled, "What physicists think the realm of reality is", with the Schrödinger equation and a Feynman diagram. The lower level is labelled, "What engineers know is actually the realm of reality", with a circuit, a bridge, and a vehicle.

And then there are the social scientists, demanding why on Earth these realms seem to be devoid of people.

Worry Cycle

A graph of "Worry" over time. It periodically rises and falls. The worry hits a peak when you think of something that could go wrong, then it lowers as you realize it's fine, then hits a trough when you forget about it, then hits a new peak when you remember that same thing again, and the cycle starts anew.

Sometimes I tell my brain that I’ve already worried and gotten over X, but then it finds creative ways to make me worry about X again.

Better Detour

A start point "A" and end point "B" separated by a path. Instead of following the straight line between them, you end up going through a massive, meandering detour, labelled, "Maybe this is a better way". At the end of the detour, there's the label, "Of course not".

Every single time.


Graph of "Number of times you hear, 'So when are you going to get a job?' as a student" versus time. The count stays at zero until about ten years into being a student, where the count just climbs higher and higher.

The tone goes from curiosity to confusion to exasperation.

Conscious Decisions

A pie chart of decisions. The huge bulk of the pie has the label, "Going with the flow", while a small sliver has, "Consciously considered".

It’s always a little disconcerting when I think about the series of odd events that led to me being where I am today.


A graph of "Wonder and insight" versus "Depth of inspection". There's a linear function, with the label, "Any subject".

Everything provides insight and wonder if you study it deeply enough.


Three boxes of various sizes. The biggest is in the front, labelled "Work." Behind it and partially obscured are much smaller boxes labelled "Hobbies" and "Family". Caption: Make sure this is the balance you want.

There’s no bad balance, but there can be a mismatch from what you want.

Jargon Free

A sign in the ground that says, "This is a JARGON FREE zone. If your grandmother wouldn't understand what you're about to say, please reconsider your words. Let's keep the science understandable!"

And then of course, you find out that the person speaking has a grandmother in the same discipline as them.

Good Idea

A student and their supervisor are discussing. The student says, "Are you sure this is a good idea?" The supervisor answers, "Don't worry: if I thought it was great, I would've kept it for myself."

“Remember, all my ideas come from this probability distribution!”