Comics about mathematics, science, and the student life.

It All Makes Sense

A teacher introduces a new subject and exclaims, "It all makes sense."

Why do we even say this? Students are learning the material, so they almost certainly don’t understand it. We need to be careful with the implicit standards we set.


A plot of the utility of any academic meeting over time.

I wonder if we could compress meetings to about half their time without losing significant information?

Myth of Grades

A student is kept in a cage that is unlocked, not even trying to escape because they are worried about not studying enough.

As much as it might seem like it at times, I promise you that there are other things that matter than grades.


A friend asks if the other person got a lot of studying done over the break. The person scratches their head and admits that they were really busy, when really they spent a lot of time reading.

We tend to have a lot of hopes for our breaks, but we often end up retreating to our favourite (non-work-related) activities.

Abuse of Notation

The Gamma matrix puts the Pauli matrix in its place.

No one will ever find this confusing, I’m sure of it!

Expert Opinion

Person is reading a book and thinks the author is quite insightful. Later, a friend asks if the author has some interesting insights in their own field, and the person exclaims that the "expert" is an idiot.

“And I thought they were insightful!”

Commutative Line

A woman cuts in line (to the anger of another customer), but she promptly informs them of the sign that says "Commutative Line".

I think we get too comfortable with commutativity in our early mathematical education.

Technological Advancements

First panel: mathematician comes up with a result that no one cares about. Second panel: physicist realizes that this obscure result can apply to the real world. Third panel: physicist pesters an engineer until they cave to build it.

“Engineering doesn’t quite work like that…”

“Yes it does! Your job is to build my crazy ideas, and maybe get some credit for it later. Don’t you want that?”

The Benefit of Tutoring

A student wonders how their tutor knows everything, and the tutor replies that it's a result of getting a bunch of things wrong themselves when they were in a similar position.

Helping others makes it all worth it.

Lab Experiments

Two physics students are initially excited about their lab, but they soon realize that it's mostly tedious work.

Anyone who has taken lab classes with me will relate.