Comics about mathematics, science, and the student life.

Necessary Details

This is probably a *bit* overboard.

All the details are necessary!

Reverse Engineering

Reverse engineering a result.

How the sausage is made.

Mathematical Illusion

Optical versus mathematical illusion.

It gets even weirder if you consider bases other than ten.

By Convention

I take no responsibility for the accuracy of this comic.

“Why do we use these weird units?”

“Historical reasons.”

“Also, cosmic rays are electromagnetic radiation, right?”

“No, that’s a historical accident too. It’s convention now.”

Selection Pressure

Biology meets mathematics.

“If you’re the weakest link, you’re left behind.”

Final Version

Not quite what you would call a "final" version.

“What about that meeting?”

“Oh, it’s part of the paper.”


Triviality implies lack of novelty?

“Maybe they are just getting in their teaching groove.”

In General

In general means a different thing if you're a mathematician.

“In general” means something totally different for a mathematican.

Small Alphabet

A mathematician's Latin alphabet consists of about ten letters.

“What about using the letter ‘f’?”

“That is a special symbol that’s reserved! You can’t just use an ‘f’ wherever you want. People will get confused. Think of the children!”

Second Atop the Mountain

Second atop the mountain.

“I knew I should have updated my copy of The Researcher’s Field Guide to Unclimbed Mountains.”