Comics about mathematics, science, and the student life.


We have the answer, we just might have to invent cryosleep too.

“How are you going to run that computer without it losing power?”

“I didn’t think of that.”

“I guess you would have needed the key to wisdom to figure out a better strategy, huh?”

Memory Aid

Don't go copying the teacher's notes without understanding them.

“Did you think your memory aid was going to magically make sense when the test comes around?”

Life Inertia

Change is difficult.

“Maybe I need to add some lubricant underneath to lower the coefficient of friction.”


Papers following the typical pattern.

The trick is to make the historical summary interesting enough to lull people into the paper until they feel like they invested so much time that they have to see it through.

Mathematical Minefield

When mathematics doesn't make sense.

You better tread carefully here.

Cosmic Semester Coupling

Exams act as a great opaque filter to the future.

This goes hand-in-hand with the old adage: objects in mirror are closer than they appear.

Pet Theory

Theory marketers.

A future university program: theory marketers. Want your idea to be tested (or, more importantly, confirmed)? Hire one of these wonderful students!

Graduate School Preparation

In the first panel, it's August and the student is relaxing, enjoying their free time. In the second panel, it's September and suddenly there are a ton of deadlines.

Let’s just wait until the students are in the midst of work to give them more work!

Caught Between Worlds

The younger students look up to you, while you wonder what the professors think of you.

What do professors think of about their position?

Exercise to the Reader

Cutting the manuscript's length by leaving the work as a bunch of exercises.

The only category of textbooks in which you can leave the main results out with a straight face.