Comics about mathematics, science, and the student life.

Exercise to the Reader

Cutting the manuscript's length by leaving the work as a bunch of exercises.

The only category of textbooks in which you can leave the main results out with a straight face.

Necessary Details

This is probably a *bit* overboard.

All the details are necessary!

Reverse Engineering

Reverse engineering a result.

How the sausage is made.

Mathematical Illusion

Optical versus mathematical illusion.

It gets even weirder if you consider bases other than ten.

By Convention

I take no responsibility for the accuracy of this comic.

“Why do we use these weird units?”

“Historical reasons.”

“Also, cosmic rays are electromagnetic radiation, right?”

“No, that’s a historical accident too. It’s convention now.”

Selection Pressure

Biology meets mathematics.

“If you’re the weakest link, you’re left behind.”

Final Version

Not quite what you would call a "final" version.

“What about that meeting?”

“Oh, it’s part of the paper.”


Triviality implies lack of novelty?

“Maybe they are just getting in their teaching groove.”

In General

In general means a different thing if you're a mathematician.

“In general” means something totally different for a mathematican.

Small Alphabet

A mathematician's Latin alphabet consists of about ten letters.

“What about using the letter ‘f’?”

“That is a special symbol that’s reserved! You can’t just use an ‘f’ wherever you want. People will get confused. Think of the children!”