Comics about mathematics, science, and the student life.

Technological Advancements

First panel: mathematician comes up with a result that no one cares about. Second panel: physicist realizes that this obscure result can apply to the real world. Third panel: physicist pesters an engineer until they cave to build it.

“Engineering doesn’t quite work like that…”

“Yes it does! Your job is to build my crazy ideas, and maybe get some credit for it later. Don’t you want that?”

The Benefit of Tutoring

A student wonders how their tutor knows everything, and the tutor replies that it's a result of getting a bunch of things wrong themselves when they were in a similar position.

Helping others makes it all worth it.

Lab Experiments

Two physics students are initially excited about their lab, but they soon realize that it's mostly tedious work.

Anyone who has taken lab classes with me will relate.

Academic Wishlist

A wishlist that a student wants to receive for the holidays.

I think the probability of any of these happening is the limit of 1/n as n goes to infinity.


Professors plot their upcoming assignments in order to make the lives of the students more difficult.

I just love when I have a whole week of nothing (in which I could have done work!) and then this happens.


Physics researcher talks to some other scientists, and acts like they can figure out all of the other researchers' subjects without trouble.

I wince when I look back over this one. Hits very close to home.

To Read

Student thinks they are going to read a bunch of science books, but ends up just having them in a pile.

After a while, it becomes painful to look at them and be reminded of the number of books I have to read.

Academic Treadmill

Student is running on a treadmill with repeating items like "Test", "Assignment", "Study", and "Review".

It’s the end of the semester, so you’ve earned a small break before you hop back on!

Minimal Assumptions

The secondary student carries a backpack, the university student carries a backpack and pulls a wagon, and the mathematician has a very small briefcase. This emphasizes how much one has to remember in each case.

“What if you’re in the middle of an exam and don’t have time to re-derive it?”

“Ah, well that’s easy stuff. You shouldn’t forget about that!”

More To Do

Person keeps on trying to fill their bucket of work, but they don't see it leaking out on the side.

This is a problem all through academia. I strongly suggest a hobby (like drawing a webcomic) if you find yourself in this situation.