Comics about mathematics, science, and the student life.

Finish Line

I think if we wanted to be FULLY accurate, I should have had the finish line on a sharp incline.


“I think those three dots mean, ‘By induction’.”


“We should really remove that sign around the corner if we want this to work.”

One Trick Pony

We need more signs like this.

For an extra fee, we will go to one higher order in our solution.

Programming Workflow

Constant errors until things suddenly work.

“I’m getting closer. What happens if I do this-?”


“Okay, maybe not that.”

Not Injective

All going for that same end goal.

We need to expose students to more than just the typical academic career path.


Working through a research paper can feel like a full-time job.

I’ve always found it tragic how research papers have to dress up what can be simple notions into some which are incredibly complex. At its core, the problem lies with finding good notation to express a given question or problem. Without this, the reader has to translate from opaque notation to the simple but informal arguments, which are easier to understand.

Pattern Recognition

Magical incantations in mathematics.

I’ve always found these sentences in mathematics to be so lyrical. They almost want you to complete them in this way, even when we can get a little carried away.

Tip of the Iceberg

The difference between what others think you know and what you actually know.

“Can you teach me everything you know?”

“Uh…that was it.”


Trying to fence the perfect area of your house to look presentable on camera.

If only I could make a “bubble of sound” around me…