Comics about mathematics, science, and the student life.

Fast Start

Too many presentations go much faster than they should.

The inability for us to estimate how much content is too little for people viewing our work for the first time is probably one of the key reasons I don’t like most presentations.

Correction Key

The various reasons to take points off of a physics homework assignment.

Ah, do I ever love the RG one. It’s my go-to strategy when trying to finish an assignment where I don’t understand all the steps.


Spending a ton of time searching for an explanation of an equation, only to realize that the exponent is a footnote.

This is absolutely based on a true story, and it makes me aware of every single footnote I write. I spent so much time trying to figure out how in the world the author arrived at the equation!

Title Filter

Physics papers have titles which are either very boring or contain puns.

Okay, I’m exaggerating, but only barely. It really does boggle the mind at times when I browse the arXiv.


The town of Academia is under need of some renovation.

“Can’t we fix all of these terrible roads so people actually want to ride on them?”

“If they are really motivated, they will persevere.”

Ballpark Estimate

Graduate students are a bit more loose with their definition of accurate.

My experience has been that graduate students are a bit more loose with their notion of “accurate”.


Physics creates quite the burden for Notation to carry.

“Don’t you think it would be a good idea to spread the load out a bit?”

“No no, I’m sure you can do it. Hey, I have this friend who also wants to give you a few things. Their name is Mathematics.”

Project Dilation

How the realities of research distort the time it takes to finish projects.

If you get too good at being a scientist, outside forces (talks, committees, prizes, etc.) will react to stop you from decreasing your gamma factor to one.

True Learning

Learning is more than just accumulating dots. It's about connecting them.

To me, the learning is about the edges rather than the nodes. Make sure you take the time to forge those connections.

Ladder of Abstraction

Climbing the Ladder into the clouds.

I was wondering what the Ladder of Abstraction was leaning on. Clearly, the mathematicians just assumed its existence as a starting point.