Comics about mathematics, science, and the student life.


To be completely clear, I’m the biggest sucker for this. It’s my number-one criterion when browsing the arXiv.


Hey, I’m using my freedom to check my accounts!

To-Do List

Let’s be honest: Who actually gets to the end of their list?

How To Name A Particle

If “ino” is taken, try “alino”. If that’s taken, you are permitted to name the particle after yourself.

Finish Line

I think if we wanted to be FULLY accurate, I should have had the finish line on a sharp incline.


“I think those three dots mean, ‘By induction’.”


“We should really remove that sign around the corner if we want this to work.”

One Trick Pony

We need more signs like this.

For an extra fee, we will go to one higher order in our solution.

Programming Workflow

Constant errors until things suddenly work.

“I’m getting closer. What happens if I do this-?”


“Okay, maybe not that.”

Not Injective

All going for that same end goal.

We need to expose students to more than just the typical academic career path.