Comics about mathematics, science, and the student life.


It always worries me a little bit that the theorists’ imaginations can run this wild.


Okay, I’m clearly not being fair: You’re off the hook, experimentalists.

Bear Trap

If we’re not finding ourselves stuck in some sort of trap three times a week, we’re not doing science properly!

Ruled Out

Not communicated: They came up with all of these crazy hypotheses several papers ago.

Comforting Knowledge

The lesson: Only take introductory classes to stay on the good side of the curve.


In physics, a box is always one-dimensional, unless the person is very ambitious!

Third Time's The Charm

Pro tip: Only send emails with a one hour buffer into the future, so regret has time to creep in and you can delete your disastrous email before it causes damage.

Board Work

And the one that drives me nuts: A professor who continually erases and adjusts the bits of their letters while talking, as if the smudge-fest that ensues is clearer than the original writing!


Sorry, it’s a knee-jerk reaction.

Gripping Conversations

My favourite example of this is when a researcher asks a question after a presentation that is all about showcasing their own knowledge instead of engaging in a dialogue.