Comics about mathematics, science, and the student life.

Ballpark Estimate

Graduate students are a bit more loose with their definition of accurate.

My experience has been that graduate students are a bit more loose with their notion of “accurate”.


Physics creates quite the burden for Notation to carry.

“Don’t you think it would be a good idea to spread the load out a bit?”

“No no, I’m sure you can do it. Hey, I have this friend who also wants to give you a few things. Their name is Mathematics.”

Project Dilation

How the realities of research distort the time it takes to finish projects.

If you get too good at being a scientist, outside forces (talks, committees, prizes, etc.) will react to stop you from decreasing your gamma factor to one.

True Learning

Learning is more than just accumulating dots. It's about connecting them.

To me, the learning is about the edges rather than the nodes. Make sure you take the time to forge those connections.

Ladder of Abstraction

Climbing the Ladder into the clouds.

I was wondering what the Ladder of Abstraction was leaning on. Clearly, the mathematicians just assumed its existence as a starting point.

Fundamental Law of Reading Dynamics

The reading queue only grows.

Find me one person who violates this law, and I’ll be surprised.

Language Inequality

Deciphering a line in a paper is sometimes deserving of a medal.

The most productive research hack would be a way to question the author of a paper whenever you read something they wrote. It would save so much time.

Mathematics Education

The continual climb towards abstraction.

How high can you climb?

Research Priorities

What researchers spend their time on versus what they need to.

“I’m sure nobody will care if I make a bunch of boring slides.”


Students thinking they are learning everything, while teachers thinking they don't know much.

Teacher: “I’m basically guiding you through a harrowing mountain range where one bad step leads to death.”