Comics about mathematics, science, and the student life.

Third Time's The Charm

Pro tip: Only send emails with a one hour buffer into the future, so regret has time to creep in and you can delete your disastrous email before it causes damage.

Board Work

And the one that drives me nuts: A professor who continually erases and adjusts the bits of their letters while talking, as if the smudge-fest that ensues is clearer than the original writing!


Sorry, it’s a knee-jerk reaction.

Gripping Conversations

My favourite example of this is when a researcher asks a question after a presentation that is all about showcasing their own knowledge instead of engaging in a dialogue.

Test Making

I wonder how many professors employ the strategy of building the train tracks as the train speeds along them?

Neural Network Tuning

You would be surprised how many people suggest I should just use a neural network to train the hyperparameters…

Few Pages

The conversion factor between the time you think it will take and the time it will actually take is somewhere around 1/0.

On Your Own

I think this is one of the few measurements I’ve made as a theoretical physicist where I can claim absolute certainty: 0 ± 0!

A Week

And that’s not looking at the unfortunate souls who find themselves climbing a never-ending ladder.

Meeting Stress

The trick to not worrying: Most people aren’t thinking about you.