Comics about mathematics, science, and the student life.

Calculation Path

A very winding path from A to B, representing how I do a calculation. Then there's a straight connection between A and B, representing how everyone else does it.

Just once, I’d like to be the one finding the quick way!

Sliver of Context

A one-dimensional line indicating the time of day. There's a small sliver in the middle that represents the time you interact with students as a coach or a teacher. The other much larger parts you never see.

I try to remember this whenever I’m tempted to get frustrated with athletes or students. I’m only privy to a small slice of their life, so I’m likely missing the surrounding context.

Growth in Safety

A graph of "Potential to grow" versus "Feeling of safety". With little safety, there's zero potential for growth. It's only after a minimum amount of safety does the potential for growth increase quickly.

When I lead, this is one of my core responsibilities.

(Hat tip to Kiera for inspiring this graph!)


Two friends are standing together. One is stooping from the weight of a box he's carrying above his head, labeled "Internal Story". His friend says, "You know you can change that, right?"

“You mean I should pick one of those instead?” he says, pointing behind to the pile of even larger boxes.


A scientist is on their knees and peers into a small gap, labeled "Your methods", to a cavern labeled "Your research idea". The scientist says, "I can see something! (Pause) I think."

This is how I imagine models work: They give us a small window into an idea, almost never the entire view.


An initial solid line representing the current path then splits into a bunch of dashed lines, indicating the space of possibilities. Caption: There are more possibilities than you think.

The main limit tends to be my imagination, not the space of possibilities.

Get To

Two friends approach a sign that says, "Challenges Ahead". The man is hunched over and says, "I have to do this..." while the woman makes a fist and says, "I get to do this!"

A little perspective change can go a long way.


Left panel: A man holds an item in his hands labeled "Great idea" and the man says, "I have a great idea for society!" Right panel: The great idea is on top of the uneven platform labeled "Society's playing field" and the man says out of frame, "That was unexpected..."

This is what happens when theory hits reality.


An excerpt of a textbook that says, "Let $\mathcal{N}(w = Nω)$ be...", and it's very unclear that w and ω are distinct symbols. Caption: Are researchers just trying to throw people off?

Yes, yes they are.


A scientist works at her desk with a huge pile of scrap paper in the waste bin behind her. Her friend walks in and asks, "Wow, tough day?" The scientist throws a new page behind her into the bin and answers, "Oh no, I think I have it now!"

Two minutes later: “Hmm, maybe that wasn’t it…”