Comics about mathematics, science, and the student life.

Homework Progression

Homework progression.

Despite my best intentions, there’s always the inevitable slump towards mediocrity.

The Professor Effect

A classic tale.

It’s amazing how consistently this happens to me. It’s almost as if I didn’t really understand what the teacher was talking about!


A comparison of tennis players and teachers.

Surprisingly, the forearms of grizzled veterans of the teaching profession appear to be larger than professional arm wrestlers.

New Notation

Bringing new notation to the table.

“But wait, the notation will make sense in about twenty minutes, even if I’m not using it now!”

Hammer and Nail

All the things in the world are free particles or harmonic oscillators.

If you make the mistake of asking a physicist if this is realistic, they will tell you with glee how accurate we can make models that only use these ingredients.

Gravity Well

Working isn't everything.

Work isn’t everything.

Jarring Count

The trouble of writing grant proposals.

I hope I don’t have to give that left jar to someone else, or else I’m going to be broke.


Paper: "As was shown in Ref.[4], their results are completely in agreement with ours." Person: "But where am I supposed to look? The paper is sixty pages long!" Caption: Would it really kill us to reference where in a document we are referring to?

Seriously, could there be anything more annoying than failing to specify where items of interest are? I know, it’s not “conventional”, but come on.

Update: And yes, thats a typo. I don’t have the original anymore, so there’s nothing I can do to fix it!


Person 1: "Are you cheating on our homework?" Person 2 (looking at their device): "I'm trying, but the material is so advanced that I can barely follow the solutions!"

The best strategy to defend students from copying.

To The Brim

Person 1: "Are you sure that's going to fit?" Person 2 (filling a container labelled 'stuff in your life' and getting near the brim): "Oh yeah, look at all of that room!"

“If it’s not in danger of overflowing, you’re not doing it right!”