Comics about mathematics, science, and the student life.


I have a feeling this year is going to be memorable far into the future…


Wait, I just got a message from my supervisor. They didn’t include one exclamation mark. Does that mean they are answering me sarcastically? Are they annoyed by the fact that I keep asking questions?! I need more than words to reassure me; I need those punctuation marks!

Academic Santa

“Oh yeah, were you calling me Academic Santa before? I’m actually Productivity Santa. Academic Santa decided he wasn’t going to see you this year.”


To be completely clear, I’m the biggest sucker for this. It’s my number-one criterion when browsing the arXiv.


Hey, I’m using my freedom to check my accounts!

To-Do List

Let’s be honest: Who actually gets to the end of their list?

How To Name A Particle

If “ino” is taken, try “alino”. If that’s taken, you are permitted to name the particle after yourself.

Finish Line

I think if we wanted to be FULLY accurate, I should have had the finish line on a sharp incline.


“I think those three dots mean, ‘By induction’.”


“We should really remove that sign around the corner if we want this to work.”