Comics about mathematics, science, and the student life.


Twelve different groups. 1: An Ensemble of Statistical Physicists, as a bunch of dots. 2: A Galaxy of Astrophysicists, as a galaxy composed of people. 3: A Mole of Chemists, as a bunch of dots that are close to a mole. 4: A Ring of Algebraists, arranged in a ring. 5: A Mass of Gravitational Physicists, as a bound cluster. 6: A Superposition of Quantum Physicists, as a wavefunction. 7: A Clique of Graph Theorists, arranged in a clique on a graph. 8: A Scattering of Particle Physicists, as a Feynman diagram. 9: A Cluster of Computational Scientists, arranged in a cluster with their laptops. 10: A Manifold of Topologists, arranged on a manifold. 11: A Distribution of Statisticians, arranged according to a probability distribution. 12: A Minimum of Optimization Scientists, at the minimum of a function.

I used to be in the Mass of Gravitational Physicists, but I couldn’t resist the allure of the Superposition of Quantum Physicists.

(Side note: This is the 500th comic. When I began, I couldn’t even imagine doing fifty. I had no idea I’d find so much handwaving to do. Thanks for reading!)