Comics about mathematics, science, and the student life.


First panel. Researcher 1: "Ugh, it's such a pain to write papers in LaTeX! It's so ugly when I work in the editor." Researcher 2: "But at least it looks nice when you compile. What do you think people did when LaTeX didn't exist?" Second panel. R1: "Haha, nice try, but there was always LaTeX!" R2: "What about when there were only typewriters?" Third panel. R1: "So what did people do then?" Fourth panel. R2: "People had to type up their documents, leave blank spaces throughout, and then write in the equations by hand." R1: "Oh dear God. I'll never complain again!"

Thankfully, I’ve never had to do this myself. However, I have seen it while looking at old papers, and I can tell you, it looks bad.